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Landscaping, services and environmental development


Our services for the development of the urban and inner city environment always result from an environmental survey that produces scientific documents accompanied by thematic maps, which are then completed by geographic information systems. This is a way to increase the value to our operations on the one hand and on the other ensure a healthy return on investment to our customers.




Our designers, both Italian and international, design green areas, parks and gardens with the full participation and agreement of the local people. In this way both the needs of the residents and the legal requirements of green belt areas are respected. (Regional Parks, Protected Areas, etc.) Our technicians carry out full agronomic examinations of the trees on-site, from VTA stability analyses, to endotherapy (special trunk injections) to aerial surveys. Our company is qualified and certified by  the Italian Chapter of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) to run tests for all types of plant disease and structural problems




For over fifty years, the transplanting of big trees has been one of our flagship activities. We use specialised machines, of which we are the exclusive dealers in Italy, and we are therefore able to move clumps of trees with diameters measuring between 1200 and 3000 mm. With our technology, we can move large trees with no special preparation time at all. The work is done quickly with the correct arboricultural procedures and skills of our technicians, ensuring successful engraftment results.


Years of experience and success in many Italian towns and municipalities validate our effective method of trees transplantation.

Choosing to transplant trees should not be underestimated. There are costs that not only include the removing of the trees but also possibility of replanting in thinned out areas.  In the creation of parks trees are densely planted, which after a period of 10 to 15 years requires thinning.


Our machines enable us to retrieve and reuse excessive trees, to create additional green areas by planting them in parks or along roads. In doing so, the original park acts as a nursery while the tree transplantation process does two things: the thinning out of the parks and the replanting of the trees elsewhere.




Floricoltura San Donato Milanese doesn’t only do large transplantations and landscaping. We are also a company who provide services for the up-keep of urban green areas.


At our main office (HQ) we currently employ teams of  workers and technicians. On top of that, when needed, we have a network of specialised personnel.  (agronomists, plant pathologists, landscape architects, environmental experts, etc.).


Our warehouse is home to a set of machinery, continuously renewed and adapted to modern environmental standards (consumption, low CO2 emissions, safety) with which our teams are able to do: PRUNING, WEEDING, MOWING, PLANTING, IRRIGATION, CROP CARE etc.

Whereever we work our teams are particularly attentive to the needs of PARKS, GARDENS AND PLAY AREAS.


We were among the first companies in Italy to start working with the Mikomax Studie – Krefeld (D) to introduce the cultural practices of Mycorrhizae, a natural method to increase the resistance of trees roots, especially in urban environments.



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