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Our experience dates back to 1968 when in San Donato Milanese, Pietro Bruschi, who founded the work, which originally bore his name, began the difficult work of converting an old Lombard farm into a modern flower nursery.

His dynamic and modern ideas helped the company to be a success at a difficult time for the agricultural industry, and ever since the 1970’s we have been working with local parks and green areas.


In the 1980’s there was a meeting with the German company, Opitz-Optimal, which for some years in Europe had been offering a mechanised method of tree moving, which was then completely unknown and in some ways unimaginable.

Following a period of talks, the understandable initial caution of Herr Opitz was abated and he decided to give his innovative technology and know-how exclusively to Floricoltura San Donato Milanese.


Thanks to this technology, in a very short time it was possible to move and replant very large trees.

Logging has therefore been effectively rendered out-dated and obsolete. Today, trees can be moved and replanted, ensuring a longer life for them.


Since then it has been success after success for us. One of our first jobs was the successful moving of almost 300 linden trees for SNAM on “Viale De Gasperi” in San Donato Milanese. Over the years we have worked in many cities, from Milan to Rome, from Genoa to Naples, Padua, Forli, Turin and many others, up and down Italy.

Over the last 15 years, thanks to the important work of corporate restructuring, we have reached new heights with a number of quality certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Today we are a business that has had nearly 50 years of experience and success. In addition, we are also associated with Assoverde.

We are now looking to the future with the will to innovate in such a way as to always guarantee the best for the environment and nature. Moreover, customer satisfaction, along with our ecological concerns remain at the heart of our work.



Over the last 15 years, thanks to the important work of corporate restructuring, we have reached new heights with a number of quality certifications.


The company is committed to ensure the human, technical and financial resources necessary to respect the guiding principles that underlie the integrated system for quality, environment, health and safety.


In order to implement these objectives, Floricoltura San Donato works in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 08, UNI EN ISO 14001: 04, OHSAS 18001: 07 and local legislation. We also carry out audits on the work that have an influence on quality, the environment, on health and safety, correcting and preventing when necessary.


The Executive Board defines the specific objectives and through guides, evaluates performance. These objectives are summarised in the document entitled "Floricoltura San Donato Goals". Targets are monitored at the integrated system review meetings, where checks are done that the current policy is in place.


A right management of this integrated system oversees the entire organisation from the Management, to each individual employee according to his or her role and responsibilities. The General Management delegates this to the Trade Union agent to achieve the development and improvement of its effectiveness, making sure that the contents of the integrated system are: disclosed, understood, shared and applied to the entire corporate structure.






Everything started at the end of the sixties when  Pietro Bruschi bought a farm in San Donato Milanese. From this company, in time our expertise would come. The fact that this venture took up so much of his life, Pietro used to refer to it as being part of the family!


This work has produced the desire to try to find solutions, while never putting anything to one side. Over the years there have been many battles lost and won, many insights, some good some not so good.


Many meetings took place, most notably in the early eighties with OPITZ technology.







Once upon a time ... two men who spoke different languages, a Bavarian, Dieter Opitz and a Lombard, Pietro Bruschi, somehow, unknown to us, made their business work. Such an example continues to guide and inspire us today.


We don’t know how that first meeting really went. We can only imagine the effort of the interpreter trying to talk some sense into those two men, so similar, yet so different. However, the history of companies is often like love stories: wonderful in real life, but bit boring to talk about.


Pietro Bruschi burned with passion, as all entrepreneurs do who place a work ethic before profit, knowing that it is the work itself, with a capital ‘W’, which determines the value of a company.

Pietro Bruschi, the founder

Pietro Bruschi was born in Mulazzano (Lodi) in 1932, the third of five brothers from a comfortable, yet not overly rich family. His father pushed him as a child to do many things, convinced that the workshop had just as much value and dignity as the academy. He encapsulated the mentality of a Lombard family of those years. A time when to rebuild a country meant rolling up your sleeves and giving the true sense of what it meant to work.


So Pietro’s ‘learning curve’ in the working world started with him becoming an assistant chef at the restaurant "Giannino" in Milan, then to opening a number of butcher’s and also by observing his brothers becoming entrepreneurs in the construction business when to have a house was one of the primary needs in Italy.


Every time he learnt to do something new, his father and the family encouraged him to learn to do something else; in every situation, always starting from the bottom and working his way up. It was to become a contagious passion that he knew would inspire the least on the workforce, leaving no one apathetic. Of course many mistakes have been made, but only the one who works can make such mistakes.


Pietro passed away one day in March 2009. Since then we have felt a little more alone, but we are continuing to try to bring his vision to life.




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